Guionistes Associats de Catalunya (GAC) – Associated Screenwriters of Catalonia is a non-profit association, founded in 1997, whose goal is to protect the interests and watch over the aspirations of the audiovisual media writers, both professionals (full membership) and amateurs (affiliate members).

Currently GAC has over 200 members.

At GAC we

– Represent, protect and promote common interests of our members in the cultural, professional, social and economic areas.
– Represent the general interests of the screenwriting profession in administrations, institutions, companies and other organisations with autonomy, state and international scope, taking part in advisory bodies when necessary and protecting the rights recognised by the Intellectual Property Law.
– Spread the knowledge about the profession of screenwriters socially and culturally.
– Organize training and cultural events for our members.
– Promote the solidarity among our members, creating and contributing to collective services of assistance nature.


The objectives and the organization of GAC are registered in our Statutes, available for consultation at the Association’s office.

The GAC Assembly, constituted by all our members, is the supreme decision body. This assembly is responsible for appointing the Directive Board, which governs, manages and represents the association.

The Board distributes among its members the different tasks GAC is involved in and if necessary creates commissions, in which participation of other members of GAC is requested.

Organization chart and allocation of roles of the Directive Board:

Carmen Abarca,

GAC representation in all institutional relationships.
Eduard Sola,

GAC representation in absence of president. Head of visibility projects.

Txell Llorens,
Board Member

Diverse responsibilities.
Marçal Cebrián,
Board Member

Diverse responsibilities
Daniel Resnich,
board member

GAC representation at Audiovisual Cluster and GAC-MAC transmedia script contest coordinator.
Mercè Sarrias,
Board Member
Diverse responsibilities.

Albert Plans,

In charge of GAC accounting.
Víctor Sala,
Support to the board

GAC communication comission member.

Pau Ortiz,

GAC head technical coordination.

Ignacio Monter,

GAC head legal advice.